Perfect white


We collect the finest products made with the finest ingredients to deliver a healthy skin, this beautiful set right here, will help you achieve 3-4 shades lighter in a few months.
Content of the perfect white set
The perfect white set
1. Perfect white gummy soap
2. The deep exfoliating scrub
3. The body milk
4. The mulato oil
5. The exfoliating toner
6. The face cream.
what this set does?
1. Lightens the skin and it’s designed to improve and harmonize the complexion while eliminating dark spots and blackheads.
2. Removes dirty skin cells, rejuvenate and invigorate it.
3. Formulated with natural plants, deep cleans, tones, soften and provides a natural freshness to the skin.
4. Acts as a barrier and prevents skin damage caused by bleaching the skin.
5. Effectively improves sun tanned skin, dull skin and lots of blemishes, brightens and improves rough skin, makes it moist and radiant.
Just think of the amazing changes this products will bring to your skin..
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